Custom Temporary Tattoos - Size Guide
Are you planning an event and want to order temporary tattoos for the first time? You are not sure what size of temporary tattoos you should go for? Here's a guide to the most appropriate size for your temporary tattoo requirements.

When it comes to the size of a temporary tattoo, there are 2 decision points:

1. Who is going to apply the tattoo : Adults or Kids

2. Which part of the body do you want the tattoo to be applied/Where do you think your guests are most likely to apply the tattoo?

See the decision tree map below to pick the most appropriate temporary tattoo size for your guests/clients.

Size Guide - Custom Temporary Tattoos
Most Popular Sizes For Adults (In Inches):

  • 2"X2"
  • 1.5"X3"
  • 2.5"X2"
  • 1.5"X2"

Most Popular Sizes For Kids (In Inches):

  • 2"X2"
  • 1.5"X1.5"
  • 1.5"X2"
Kids have smaller surface area for tattoos. So typically the tattoos sizes will be small in comparison to adults.

Having said the size is very much dependent on your design. Try and keep your design close to these sizes.

Most Popular Areas To Apply Temporary Tattoos:

Temporary Tattoos are mostly applied to visible parts of the body:
  • Face
  • Forearms
  • Biceps
  • Neck (nape or the side of the neck) and
  • Shoulders

For large events, order temporary tattoos which will fit most of your guests/clients.

We hope that this blog post has cleared your doubts on the correct temporary tattoo sizes to order. If you want more suggestions on tattoo sizes, mail us your tattoo design at Our team will recommend the best size temporary tattoos based on your design for your guests/clients.