Custom Medals

Cheer Your Champions

Get quality custom medals to award and give recognition to winners and participants of marathons, fundraisers, your office competitions, employee recognition awards, and more.

Select your Custom Medal Style
Die Struck Medals

Die Struck Medals have a premium metallic look and can incorporate intricate design details. To create a die-struck medal, a flat metal is stamped with a design-imprinted die and plated with different metallic finish options. A die-struck medal does not have coloured enamel fill.

Perfect for achievement awards and to commemorate special events.

Minimum Order Quantity - 100 pcs

Hard or Soft Enamel Medal

Hard enamel medals are created by pouring enamel several times in the recessed areas of the metal and heated at very high temperatures. These are high-quality, premium-looking medals with a smooth finish.

Soft enamel medals are created by adding the enamel only once in the recessed areas of the metal and then baked hard. This gives them a textured feel.

These are great as giveaways during marathons, school events, and other competitive events.

Minimum Order Quantity - 100 pcs

3D Medals

Do you have a medal design that depicts depth? Our innovative 3D medals are just what you need. These medals have a raised beveled 3D effect, giving you an extra dimension.

Minimum Order Quantity - 100 pcs

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Minimum Order Quantity - 100 pcs
What is your Minimum Order Quantity?

Minimum order quantity for medals is 100 pcs for identical medal design.
What file formats do you accept for medal design?

We accept files in AI, EPS, PSD or TIFF format.
What is your manufacturing lead time?

Our lead time is 2.5-3 weeks after the design is approved.