Order Custom Tattoos in 3 simple steps
Select from various tattoo types - CYMK, Metallic, Glow in the Dark or Glittery
Select from individual cut or non-perforated sheet or perforated sheet
Select from bulk packaging, transparent plastic bag packaging or branded packaging or customise your own packaging.
Select Tattoo Type
Select Cut Type
Select Packaging Type
1. Select Tattoo Type
Select from wide variety of temporary tattoos depending on your event and your target customer
Multi-Coloured Tattoos
CYMK or multi-coloured tattoos are the most popular tattoos. These tattoos are ideal for any kind of event.
Metallic Tattoos
Metallic tattoos have been in good demand in the recent past. These tattoos are ideal for beach parties, music events, club nights and product promotions. Time to impress the ladies!
Glow in the Dark Tattoos
These tattoos will glow in the dark. These temporary tattoos are ideal for the club night or night marathons.
2. Select Cut Type
Select the cut type depending on number of designs and your event type
Individual Cut
Each temporary tattoo is individually cut. This cut is ideal if you don't have multiple designs. Go for this cut if you want to apply tattoos during an event. You don't want to waste time cutting the temporary tattoos sheets.
Tattoo Sheet
If you have multiple designs then go for temporary tattoo sheet. Customers will have to use scissors to cut the designs before applying them on to the skin. The sheets are ideal if you are giving away tattoos to your customers to use at a later day.
Perforated Sheet
If you have multiple designs and want customers to use the tattoos on the event day, you can't expect them to carry scissors. We will provide perforated lines which customers can tear along by using their hands. No need for scissors.

3. Select Packaging Type
Create personalised packaging by adding your logo and pictures and enhance the overall customer experience. Select from the following packaging options
Bulk Packaging
The temporary tattoos are loosely packed and bundled together. This packing is ideal if you are setting up a tattoo booth and applying tattoos during the event.
Transparent Bag Packaging
Each temporary tattoo is individually packed in a transparent plastic bag. This packaging protects the tattoo. The packaging is ideal as an insert into a goodie bag or a giveaway.
Branded Packaging
Create personalized branding for your brand or your next big event. WOW your guests or customers with targeted messaging. This packaging is ideal for product promotions, wedding favors or as a giveaway.
How clients have used Temporary Tattoos
Custom temporary tattoos are a great way to connect your brand with your fans, customers and guests in a unique fun way

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