Custom Shoe Dubrae

Get your brand up and running with custom dubraes.

A must-have shoe accessory for your trendy millennial customers.

Dubraes are stylish shoelace tags, seen especially on sneakers, and are centered between the first two eyelets, close to the toes.

With custom dubraes, get your brand noticed by sneaker enthusiasts, marathon runners, trendsetters, social media influencers, and adventure seekers.

Perfect giveaway at sporting events, marathons, adventure camps, other outdoor events, gyms, yoga studios, and schools and universities.

You can customize the dubraes with your logo, brand colors, text, and other artwork.

MOQ-100 pcs only

Select your Custom Dubrae Style

Laser Printed

Give a sleek look to your custom dubraes with high-precision laser printers


our logo/text is engraved with a precision diamond engraver to give a raised, stand-out look.

Select the Size of your Custom Dubrae

We offer dubraes in 2 standard sizes for correct fitment to most sneakers.
Packaging will make your Dubraes stand out

Your custom shoe dubrae will be packed in a BOPP pouch as a default.

Select from the below options for custom packaging:

Backing Card

Get creative backing paper packaging with slits to make your dubraes stand out.

Premium Tin Box

Encase your dubraes in this premium tin box with specially moulded foam inserts. Ideal for gifting.

Cardboard Box

Place your dubraes in designer cardboard boxes with moulded foam inserts, and offer your customers a great unboxing experience.

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Minimum Order Quantity - 100 pcs
What is your Minimum Order Quantity?

Minimum order quantity for shoe dubraes is 100 pairs for identical dubrae design.
What file formats do you accept for dubrae design?

We accept files in AI, EPS, PSD or TIFF format.
What is your manufacturing lead time?

Our lead time is 2.5-3 weeks after the design is approved.
How many colors can you print?
Most designs can be created on shoe dubraes using 1 to 5 colors. We can offer more colors if the dubrae design requires it. However, the more the number of colors (more than 5), the greater will be the shoe dubraes’ cost.
What material do you use for shoe dubraes?
Our Shoe Dubraes are made from metal, and depending on your design and requirement, we offer soft enamel and hard enamel dubraes.
Soft enamel dubraes are created by adding the enamel only once in the recessed areas of the metal and then baked hard. The enamel is below the metal edges, so you get a textured feel when you touch the dubrae. Soft enamel dubraes are the most popular because they are versatile (a lot of choices in shapes and sizes), medium quality, and cost-effective.
Hard enamel dubraes are created by pouring enamel several times in the recessed areas of the metal and are heated at very high temperatures. It is then polished smooth to ensure that the enamel is at the same level as the metal edges. These are high-quality, premium-looking shoe dubraes and are also very durable.
Can I add plating to my shoe dubraes?
Yes, you can add a premium-looking metal finish to your shoe dubrae. We offer plating options in gold, dyed-black, silver, and black nickel. Select the plating that will suit your shoe dubrae design.