Custom Shoelace

If shoes maketh the man, let custom shoelaces enhance your brand.

Now, it's possible to customize every element of your shoelace!

Get your logo/ artwork and wordage printed across the lace. Customize the shoelace aglet in different styles, colors, and materials.

Get your brand noticed by sneaker enthusiasts, marathon runners, trendsetters, social media influencers, and adventure seekers.

Perfect giveaway at sporting events, marathons, adventure camps, other outdoor events, gyms, yoga studios, and schools and universities.

Select the Style

for your custom shoelaces

Flat Shoelace

Flat shoelaces are usually the standard lace mostly found in casual and running shoes.


Spread pressure evenly across the top of the foot

Stay securely tied up

Easy to tie in a crisscross pattern

Thinner than oval laces.

Oval Shoelace

Oval laces are sort of a mix between flat laces and round laces.


Offer some dimension to the laces

Stay tied better than round laces

Softer and more comfortable

Perfect for running/athletic shoes

Select Printing Style

Screen Printed

With thicker inks, screen printing is perfect for designs with only one or two ink colors being used.

Screen printing makes the colors pop out, and the thick ink gives the shoelaces a soft feel. This is great for printing your brand name on custom shoelaces.

Heat Transfer

The heat transfer process prints the most intricate artwork in crisp detail on your shoelaces and offers excellent gradations in color.

Perfect for those detailed and vibrant designs that you want on your custom shoelaces.

Customize Shoelace Aglets

Aglets enable the shoelace to pass through the eyelets of the shoe and prevent the shoelace ends from fraying. Select from plastic aglets (default option) or classy metal-plated aglets.

Clear Plastic Aglets

Clear plastic aglets are the default aglets you will get when ordering your custom shoelaces. These provide resistance to breaking and fraying.

Your shoelace design will be visible through clear plastic aglets.

Metal Aglets

To make your shoelaces stand out and look super stylish, metal aglets are a great choice. Metal aglets enhance the durability and strength of the shoelace.

You can choose from bullet or cylindrical styles. Made from brass/zinc alloy, these are available in brass/silver/black/iridescent/gunmetal-plated colors.

Select Size

Broad guidelines for which shoelace size to pick.

You can safely pick shoelaces that are 4” longer or shorter than the ideal length.


Your custom shoelaces will be packed in a BOPP pouch as a default.

Select from the below options for custom packaging:

Transparent PET Plastic Tube

Protects your shoelaces as well as gives them a unique appearance. The tube is made from food-grade PET with one cap and a sealed bottom.

You can print your logo on the tube or attach stickers.

Premium Tin Box

Encase your custom shoelaces in this premium tin metal box and is perfect for gifting.

You can attach logo stickers on the lid or get it embossed.

Paper Box with slits

Made from Kraft/cardboard paper, these boxes have windows or slits to view your custom shoelaces. You can customize the boxes with your artwork, logo, brand colours, and designs.

Great for retailing on your website and other e-commerce sites.

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Minimum Order Quantity - 100 pcs