Custom Made Socks

Select Socks Fabrication Type

Fabrication determines how your design will be created on your custom socks. Based on your design, we can help you choose the right fabrication type.


Have you seen beautifully knitted socks with graphic designs and patterns? They are Jacquard Knit socks; they are knitted with a traditional process that weaves your designs into the sock fabric.

If you have a clean, simple design or a repeating pattern, this is the sock to pick.

Dye Sublimation

The dye sublimation process involves creating a deep print of your design onto the sock’s fabric with heat transfer. Using this process, you can get socks with rich details of your design and long-lasting images with vibrant colors.

If you have a design that can’t be knitted directly onto the sock fabric, or have complex, colorful designs-pick this sock.

We offer both 180-degree and 360-degree dye sublimated socks.

Dye sublimated socks are more expensive than knitted socks.

Select the Length of your Custom Socks

We make socks in 4 sizes to meet all your custom socks requirements.

If you need socks with custom lengths, we can do it for you; you don't need to stick to these standard sizes. Just let us know your preferred socks length.

No Show

Don’t want your socks to peep out? Pick no-show socks-these are perfect for flats and low top shoes.


Quarter socks come up to the ankle. Great match for sneakers.


Crew socks are the most popular socks size of them all. Your custom designs can be clearly visible in this size.

Knee Height

Knee Height socks ride all the way up to the knee. You can optimize your designs for this one, as it offers max coverage. Preferred by athletes and fashionistas alike.

Packaging will make your Socks stand out
Forget dull and boring packaging! Make your custom socks stand out with vibrant packaging that resonates with your brand. Use your brand logo, colors, and designs to customize socks packaging.

Hang Tag

Create stunning hang tags with custom backer paper. Attract attention to your socks with a quirky slogan, event details, or doodles.


Protect your socks with sleeve packaging. You can customize the sleeve with artwork or your brand logo.

Most Popular Socks Type





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Fabrication Type
Not sure about which fabrication to select. Feel free to ask us.
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Select Quantity*
Minimum Order Quantity - 100 pcs
What is your Minimum Order Quantity?

Minimum order quantity for socks is 100 pairs for identical socks design.
What file formats do you accept for socks design?

We accept files in AI, EPS, PSD or TIFF format.
What is your manufacturing lead time?

Our lead time is 2.5-3 weeks after the design is approved.
I am not sure what fabrication type (Knitted/Jacquard or Dye-Sublimation) - to order? Can you help?
Is your design clean and simple or has a repeating pattern? Pick Knitted/Jacquard fabrication. For complex, colorful designs, go for Dye Sublimation.
If you need additional info to choose sock fabrication, write to us at Our specialist socks team will help you out.


Customers have used socks for brand promotions, employee engagement, fundraising, weddings, and more. Check out few pics of our past work here.