Create your Custom Enamel Pin in 3 simple steps
Step 1: Select Pin Type
Soft Enamel Pin

Soft enamel pins are created by adding the enamel only once in the recessed areas of the metal and then baked hard. The enamel is below the metal edges, so when you touch the pin, you get a textured feel.

Soft pins are the most popular types of pins because they are versatile (lot of choices in shapes and sizes), of medium quality and cost-effective.

Hard Enamel Pin
Hard enamel pins are created by pouring enamel several times in the recessed areas of the metal and is heated at very high temperatures. It is then polished smooth to ensure that the enamel is at the same level as the metal edges.

These are high-quality, premium looking pins and are also very durable.
Epoxy Pin
Epoxy is a transparent resin that is added on the surface of the pins to make them smooth and bright like glass. Epoxy adds a protective layer on pins and prevents them from oxidization and staining.

Epoxy pins are great for printing complex designs, have a unique 3D effect, and are durable.

Step 2: Select the plating
You can add premium-looking metal finish on your pin. Select one that suits your design.
Step 3: Select the packcaging
We will lovingly pack all your enamel pins individually in a bag. But wait! We have exciting backing paper packaging options to make your enamel pins stand out.
Get a Quote - Custom Enamel Pins
Pin Type
Metal Plating Option
Packaging - Backing Paper *
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Select Quantity*
Minimum Order Quantity - 100 pcs
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What is your Minimum Order Quantity?

Minimum order quantity for enamel pins is 100 pcs for identical pin design.
What file formats do you accept for enamel pin design?

We accept files in AI, EPS, PSD or TIFF format.
What is your manufacturing lead time?

Our lead time is 12 days after design is approved.
Does my pin come with backing paper?

By default, each pin will be individually packed in a bag. For backing paper, ask us for a quote.
I am not sure if my design can be printed as an enamel pin. Can you guys help?
Sure, send us your design at and we can provide advice on the design.