About US
We are Temporary Tattoo Experts
At Gumtoo we pride in providing temporary tattoo solutions to brands, event companies, schools, universities and corporates worldwide.

We help our customers in the entire life cycle whether its tattoo design feedback, or packaging consulting and tattoo production. We ensure that you get the best experience.

Work with us and you will see for yourself!

Pranjal Taneja
Having started design based packaging company he brings his love for creating designer products to temporary tattoos. He has worked in various industries including – beer, airlines and banking until he left he founded Gumtoo. Pranjal is has an MBA from Oxford University.
Emerentiana Meicy
Design Director
Meicy is a graphic designer who work in detail and strive to give the best customer experience possible. Spending her childhood in Yogyakarta, she has an obsession over handcrafts and culinary arts.
Olly Kim
Power Writer
Olly is our power writer. She is born in Korea bred in Singapore. She is obsessed with healthy dietary (just obsessed, not committed yet), hot legs/abs (don't own them), baking/cooking and saving photos from Tumblr.