Custom Shoe Charm

Snazzy shoe accessories to charm your trendsetting millennial customers

Looped into the shoelaces of a preferred pair of sneakers, custom Shoe Charms are a fashionable medium for self-expression.

Create colorful, decorative charms that will excite your sneaker-loving customers and make them want to show off their footwear flair.

Custom Shoe Charms are perfect as hip swag for skating clubs, marathons, running clubs, adventure camps, and hiking trails.

Use them at your fundraisers and campaigns, sell them as merch on your Etsy store, use them as brand extensions for your sneaker brand, or run a social campaign.

The possibilities are exciting!

Our Shoe Charms are made from metal, and depending on your design and requirement, we offer soft enamel and hard enamel charms.

Minimum Order Quantity -100 pcs only

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Minimum Order Quantity - 100 pcs