Patch Type
Custom patches make great giveaways at promotional events. Choose your custom patch from our range:
Embroidered Patch
Do you want your patches to have a textured feel and your design to 'pop' out of the patch? Embroidered patches are what you need. These patches have a twill base on which a custom design is embroidered using threads. They can incorporate multiple colors to match your design.

Go for fully embroidered patches when:

  • Your design has lot of colors and high contrasts

  • Ideal for uniforms, jackets, hats and giveaways

Woven Patch
Woven patches use thinner threads that are woven tightly together, giving a smooth, non-raised texture. These can incorporate detailed, intricate designs and small text.

Pick woven patches when:

  • Your design is intricate and has lot of gradients and blends

  • Your design has lot of small text

  • You want a ''smooth" texture for your patches

Printed Patch
Printed patches involve printing a photograph, design or text on twill fabric. These patches can incorporate multiple colors, detailed designs and text. Printed patches are cheaper to make than embroidered and woven ones.

Choose printed patches when:

  • Your design has picture like effect. E.g. image of your brand logo, a landscape etc.

  • Your design has lots of complicated details

Border Cut Type
It is not sufficient to see and to know the beauty of a work. We must feel and be affected by it.
Merrowed Border
Merrowed cuts are a thick uniform border using special overlockers (overstitching machines). These are applied after your custom design has been stitched on the patches and give a ''piped'' look.

Merrow borders are ideal for symmetrical shapes such as circle, oval, square and rectangle patches. Patches with merrow cut are more durable and have an aesthetic look.
Heat Cut Border
Heat cut gives a thin flat border to the outer edges of your custom patch using a hot knife or laser. These are ideal for die cut patches which may have jagged uneven edges. The color of the hot cut border matches the patch, because it is made of the same color thread.

Hot cut borders are cheaper than merrow cut borders.
Backing Option
We offer three types of backing for your custom patch. Select from the options below:
Iron On Back
You can attach iron on patches to your garment using a standard home iron. Iron on patches are durable and will remain adhered to your garment for many washes. Iron on backing doesn't work well with nylon or synthetic fabrics. This is a fast and easy way to attach patches.
Plain Back
The patches will have no backing over the stitching, showing the threads and twill at the back of the patch. Without backing, the patches are flexible and lightweight. This is ideal when you want to sew the patch to a garment or want to wear the patch temporarily with pins or clips.
Velcro Back
You can peel the patch off the Velcro strip and affix it to your garments. Easy to peel off, you can reuse the Velcro backing patch many times over. This style of backing is very durable.
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