Custom Coins

Commemorative Keepsakes That You Can Count On

Get custom coins embossed with your brand logo, organizational mission, and brand colors.

An exciting way to recognize and award achievements, project milestones, long-term employees, exhibit club memberships, and once-in-a-lifetime events.

You don’t need to flip a coin while ordering this swag. Be it heads or tails, this is one gift everyone will cherish.

Get Started with your Custom Coins in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Pick a Style

Die Struck/No Color Coin

Love the pure metallic look of a coin? Choose the die struck/no color style to highlight the texture and metal finish of your coins.

Soft Enamel Medal

Want colorful coins with a textured feel? To create a soft enamel coin, enamel color is added once in the recessed areas and then baked hard. This gives the coin a colorful look and a  raised and textured feel.

Hard Enamel Coin

For high-quality, durable, and premium-looking coins, pick the hard enamel option. Hard enamel coins are created by pouring enamel several times in the recessed areas of the metal and heated at very high temperatures. The coins are then polished smooth to ensure that the enamel is at the same level as the metal edges.

Step 2: Select Coin Platings

Exciting metallic finishes to elevate your custom coin

Shiny Gold

Shiny Silver

Antique Gold

Antique Silver

Shiny Black Dye

Black Dye

Shiny Copper

Antique Copper

Step 3: Borders and Edges

Give an extra edge to your coins by customizing the coin circumference.

Flat Edge

Rope Edge

Spur Edge

Chiseled Edge

Cross Cut Edge

Oblique Edge

Step 4: Select Packaging

Make a stunning first impression and protect your custom coins with these packaging options.

Ziploc Bag

Your coin will be encased in a see-through plastic pouch with a Ziploc seal. 

FREE packaging option

Velvet Pouch

You can opt to enclose your coins individually in soft-velvet pouches with a drawstring.

Pick this option to give your coins a premium look.

Velvet Box

Encase your custom coins in luxe velvet jewellery boxes.

This is the option to pick when you want to give your coins an exclusive vibe.

Acrylic Box

See-through plastic boxes to encase your coins individually. You can customize the case holder with velvet lining in different colors.

Coin Capsule

Your coin will be individually packed in a clear plastic capsule.

This is a great option to pick when giving out coins as swag.

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Minimum Order Quantity - 100 pcs