Custom Golf Ball Marker

Bring your brand’s ‘A’ game to the golf course

Get custom-made premium golf ball markers for your golf club, men’s club, or exclusive swag for your C-suite clients.

Select from 2 options

Magnetic Golf Ball Marker

Never lose your golf ball markers again with our custom magnetic markers with a clip to fit onto your golf hat or belt.

Customize with your brand logo, monogram, colors, and artwork.

Divot Golf Ball Marker

A divot repair tool is a must-have accessory for every gentleman golfer. Apart from repairing ball divots on the greens, you can use them as golf ball markers.

Customize with your brand logo, monogram, colors, and artwork.

Select the finish of your custom golf ball markers

Exciting metallic finishes to elevate your custom coin

Hard Enamel

For high-quality, durable, and premium-looking golf ball markers, pick hard enamel.

Hard enamel golf ball markers are created by pouring enamel several times in the recessed areas of the metal and heated at very high temperatures. The markers are then polished smooth to ensure that the enamel is at the same level as the metal edges.

Soft Enamel

Want colorful markers with a textured feel?

To create soft enamel markers, enamel color is added once in the recessed areas and then baked hard. This gives the marker a colorful look and a raised and textured feel.

Epoxy Enamel

Epoxy is a transparent resin that is added to the surface of the markers to make them smooth and bright like glass. Epoxy adds a protective layer and prevents oxidization and staining.

Epoxy golf ball markers are great for printing complex designs, have a unique 3D effect, and are durable.

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Minimum Order Quantity - 100 pcs